Advertisement Analytical Essay

             You open the front cover of Four-Wheel magazine and BAM!- you see a hot guy, and under him is the word ‘Sandwiched’ in bold letters. At first you question why there is the word sandwiched, but then that questioning leads you to read on. Underneath the word, you read the brief summary of a car crash, in which the guy drives away from- unharmed in his ultra-masculine Ford F-150.

            Through the use of strong pathos, this ad draws the reader in and assures safety in their product. The visuals, of the man and the truck, might make the reader feel on the same level as the man who drove away in the truck because of his scruffy and hard working appearance.

            The sentence structure that Ford uses, reinforces the strength and boldness of the truck. With short and strong sentences, the word choice sends a powerful message. “between a cement mixer and a semi” – this doesn’t make you feel very safe, but this add tells the story of this truck that survived and saved its driver. “he drove himself home” – reinforces his individuality and responsibility; he was the one who bought the Ford, and everyone else, those who didn’t drive away, made a bad decision in car choice.

            “Frame. Frame. Frame”- the structure of the car is the most important part. This statement implies that the only important thing in a car is its frame, its structure, and its strength. It makes Ford seem credible and other car companies weak; they pale in comparison to Ford’s truck frame. “Ours is the strongest.-Gamble in Vegas. –Not in your truck.”


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